Default Method

Our default payment method is C.O.D. Cashier’s Check, C.O.D. Money Order, or Credit Card. If you wish to pay with credit cards, please first fax or mail in a completely filled out Credit Card Authorization Form.

In addition, two points must also be specified on the authorization form: 

1. Whether the credit card authorization is for one-time usage (please specify sales order #) or permanent usage.

2. The purpose for the credit card usage:
> You are authorizing a pending order
> You are a first-time customer who wants to pay by credit card permanently
> You are switching to a new credit card account

Net Terms

We offer Net Terms or C.O.D. Company Check to customers who have good credit standing, and have built a business relationship with us for a period of time.

If you wish to use these payment methods, please fill out the Application for Credit Form, and fax/mail it to us. The credit approval process generally takes 2-3 weeks. To speed up the process, please submit your Credit Reference Sheet along with the Application for Credit Form.