Item Availability

Our online ordering system provides you a quick and easy way to check the availability of our merchandise. Just follow a few simple steps:

1. Sign In to the system.
2. Click the Inventory button.
3. On the drop-down slot, choose a criterion to search the item by.
4. Enter the first 3 letters of the style which you like, and a list of matches will turn up.

Order Status

1. Once signed-in to your account, click Inquiry.
2. Click Open Sales Orders to see if your order is being processed.
3. Click Shipped Orders to see if your order has been shipped.

Order Tracking

To track your shipments, please provide us with your email address. When your order is shipped, the tracking # will be automatically emailed to you. Using the tracking #, you can check the shipping status at www.ups.com. 

Back Orders

To review your back orders, please follow these simple steps:

1. Sign In to your account.
2. Click Inquiry
3. Click Back Orders

When your back-ordered items come in stock, our customer service staff will contact you to obtain your approval before shipping you the back-ordered merchandise. We will not ship any back orders without your prior consent.

Add to an Existing Order 

If you need to make adjustments to an order that’s already been placed, we recommend making adjustments to the order on the same business day. 


- Add to your order by fax

On the order form which you wish to add, write the additional items and resend the order. 

Note: Please set apart the newly added items to avoid duplicating items and incurring unnecessary charges


- Place a new order for the added items by fax

To add to an existing order, you can fax a new order for the added items. To avoid duplicating items and unnecessary costs, please clarify on the new order that you’re only adding items to an existing order. 

Please note that we don’t guarantee that the adjustment will be reflected on the order or that added item with be shipped with the order, because the order may have already been shipped.